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10 Founders On How They Built Their Successful Tech Startups In Podcasts

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017

Since startup ideas take entrepreneurs down many different paths on the way to becoming profitable businesses, here are the stories of a wide variety of founders and CEOs on how their startup ideas were built into successful companies, in 30-minute podcast interviews.

Rob Hull, Adaptive Insights – This Founder shares in-depth insights on how he raised $4.5 million to get the company off the ground, as well as what he would do differently today.

Rene Lacerte, – This Founder CEO is also the Founder of PayCycle, a SaaS payroll company catering to small businesses with fewer than 20 employees that was acquired by Intuit. has raised over $120 million in funding and we discuss strategies and nuances of selling solutions to small businesses, and the nuances of Do It Yourself SaaS, Do It For Me SaaS Enabled BPO, and Do It With Me, a hybrid of the two.

Mark Dorsey, Bonanza – This Co-founder discusses how the company found its unique angle to break into a group of sellers looking for specific solutions. The company has ONLY raised $1M in funding and has delivered over $75M in revenues.

Sid Banerjee, Clarabridge – This Co-founder discusses his Unicorn in the making based out of Virginia.

Jaspreet Singh, Druva – This Founder CEO discusses India’s flagship global product success story.

Paul Haynes, eSentire – This CEO shares his company’s journey in building a mid-market Cyber Security company from Canada. He also gives an overview of the Toronto-Waterloo corridor and its startup activities.

Tom Fallenstein, – He has built a niche e-commerce company up to $55 Million in revenue with no outside funding from rural Minnesota. He discusses his organic growth strategies, and how his company has impacted a rural eco-system profoundly by creating a large number of jobs.

Roman Stanek, GoodData – This Founder CEO is a serial entrepreneur. He discusses his thoughts about customer validation, go-to-market strategies, and the future of big data / business intelligence technologies in great depth.

Nilay Banker, Inspyrus – This Founder CEO takes us through his wonderful bootstrapping using services story, along with nuances in business model innovations.

David Ciccarelli, – This Founder has scaled a two-sided marketplace to $20 million in net revenue and discusses his inspiring journey.



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