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How Do You Improve the Odds of Getting Your Startup Funded?

Posted on Monday, Jan 30th 2017


We’ve talked extensively about the alarmingly low probability of getting a startup funded in this video:

We’ve also said that you CAN dramatically increase your odds if you Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later.

Now, watch this 1 minute 41 sec video to learn more about how to improve the odds of getting your startup funded.

And here are some case studies to read: Medallia, BloomReach, and Pluralsight.

Each has bootstrapped first, raised money later.

A bootstrapped, fundable business with warm introductions is the fastest way to get funded, and it is a dignified way. We can introduce you to angels and VCs, No begging necessary, if your idea is fundable and validated. And we can help you get there through disciplined bootstrapping techniques.

We love mentoring diligent entrepreneurs who believe in Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later and who possess the self-discipline to learn through a rigorous process.

If you do, we want you in the 1M/1M program and we can accomplish a lot by working together. If you don’t, we pretty much cannot help.

Generation after generation of entrepreneurs have used Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later to get to a fundable stage, so they can call the shots at the negotiation table with their potential investors.

And that is what we believe in. We want you to be able to call the shots during your negotiation with VCs.

Wouldn’t you want that?

Who wouldn’t?

Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later works. You don’t have to beg for money from anyone. It is a much more dignified way of building a business.

You do not have to suffer the humiliation of rejection after rejection from VCs.

You do not have to waste years fighting abysmally low odds of getting funding from VCs for an unvalidated business.

Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later is not for the faint of heart, though. It will require some heavy lifting and iron clad self-discipline. But if you are up for some serious, rigorous work, we are ready to support and guide you to fundability or profitability, whichever makes sense in your particular situation.

Nothing impresses VCs more than a solid idea that is bootstrapped by a scrappy entrepreneur to traction.

Nothing impresses us more than a learning-driven, bootcamp ready entrepreneur without any trace of delusion. The delusional type never makes it in the tough world of entrepreneurship. They just die in the vine. Painful to watch.

After my twenty years in the startup eco-system, I see very clearly that Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later is by far the healthiest and safest strategy for startups.

And my conviction in that is strengthening every day as I talk to successful entrepreneurs.

My conviction is strengthening every day as I coach beginning entrepreneurs.

So much so, that I can now go so far as to say that if you do NOT believe in the Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later strategy, 1M/1M is NOT the right program for you.

If you DO believe in Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later, come on over, let’s get going.


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