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5 Thought Leaders in Online Education

Posted on Thursday, Oct 20th 2016


Online education and training continue to grow in popularity. It costs less for students to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. Employers, too, save money by arranging for employees to take training courses online and on their own time. Through the following interviews with five leaders in online education, you will find a synthesis of the various trends and opportunities that I see at this point.

  • Adrian Ridner, CEO of – Adrian started in 2002. Read how the trends in online education have impacted the evolution of a very interesting business. Excellent story.
  • Felix Odigie, CEO of Inspired eLearning – Inspired eLearning is doing something very effective in Cyber Security education. Read on to learn more.
  • Brad Lea, CEO of LightSpeed VT – Brad knows how to sell. Read how he turned that skill in to a $20M revenue business with very little formal education.
  • David Lord, CEO of JumpStart – This discussion takes us into the realm of learning games and their future.
  • Norm Wu, CEO of i-Human Patients – There will be an acute need for trained medical professionals as healthcare becomes democratized around the world. Norm discusses what his company is doing in this very important realm using online education principles.

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