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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Radhika Subramanian, CEO of Emcien (Part 5)

Posted on Wednesday, May 7th 2014

Sramana Mitra: Are there any competitors that offer that?

Radhika Subramanian: Not exactly in this one thing that Emcien does well, which is complete automation of the analysis. In that one thing, we do not have a direct competitor. In that, I think, we’re creating this blue ocean strategy.

Sramana Mitra: Since we’ve already done use cases and competitive map, let’s go to the next part of the discussion. What are the trends that you’re tracking in your industry? Where do you see this industry going? Obviously, it has become very hot especially in the last couple of years. I think it’s not just hype. We started covering cloud computing back in 2008. The use cases and dollar savings are real. Big Data is going through that adoption cycle. We are very much in line with that trend. The question is a bit more granular in terms of what kind of things are you seeing that are interesting.

Radhika Subramanian: You are right. Big Data is very hot. The reason data is hot is it is so pervasive. I think that’s probably making it so hot. Remember I told you that the language of technology is data. Because technology adoption is high, the output of technology is data. People are now collecting the data in ways they didn’t before. Given that, we’re going to see trends where it’s going to be data plus some factors. I joke and say, “Data is like plain pasta. The sector is actually the sauce you will put on top of it.” It’s going to be data plus healthcare, data plus manufacturing, data plus retailing.

Sramana Mitra: We’re seeing this over and over again – the heuristics and the understanding of the business logic and the business workflow.

Radhika Subramanian: You’re right. Which is why as we go into these verticals, that’s what we’re doing. We’re choosing partners who are really good at the vertical because they can give our technology the domain technology that’s required. Because Emcien, like the Intel inside, does one thing fast. We analyze really, really fast. It’s so fast that it’s called autonomous. What is the trend? The biggest pain point that everybody tells us that they cannot scale with is the way they are manually analyzing data today. Automation is not a luxury. It is mandatory.

Sramana Mitra: If you’re  really doing a serious Big Data company and if you’re not using machine learning in that toolkit, you’re not really doing Big Data. You’re doing some business analytics and business intelligence.

Radhika Subramanian: Let’s take an analogy that’s probably relevant. As the Internet started to grow, search companies were born. There were tons of search companies. As data is growing, there are tons of Big Data companies. What is it that Google brought to the table that actually made them break from the pack? It was automated ranked search.

This segment is part 5 in the series : Thought Leaders in Big Data: Radhika Subramanian, CEO of Emcien
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