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Trying to Turn Carriers and Retailers Into Google: Azzimov CEO Benoît l’Archevêque (Part 4)

Posted on Monday, Mar 17th 2014

Benoît l’Archevêque: There are three revenue models in Azzimov: advertising when you search, the lead generation system that I just explained, and the affiliate model. When someone buys, there’s a percentage take off that. Put that aside. Take that business model, but apply it to mobile.

We have a two-button navigation system. If you download the Azzimov on the iOS, you’ll see that there are two buttons. All the technologies are in those two buttons. You can actually navigate and drill down data. Actually, there’re 47 million products in the platform. You will be able to search and drill down with just those two buttons. It will populate contextually with the right data to drill down, each and every time you drill down. If you’re looking for red wine, you are asked for a country. If you choose Italy, I’ll ask you, “You want region?” So you can drill down.

Sramana Mitra: So you’re basically creating a product search engine app and use dynamic vertical search configurations behind the scenes to be able to get to the right product?

Benoît l’Archevêque: You can call that dynamic facet search, in a way. This business model, the technology, and the revenue model, we sell that to large corporations that have a large consumer base or retailer base. One of our clients that we signed is China Telecom. China Telecom right now has 250 million subscribers. Those 250 million subscribers are captive in such a way because they’re using their system each and every day. China Telecom is saying, “I’m looking to have more average revenue per user. I sell data and voice data. What else can I sell where I can make money?” They take that business model and they actually do a VIP model for those 250 million subscribers and they say, “Now, you’re going to be able to search on our platform. Merchants that want to sell and have access to our 250 million subscribers will have to go through us.” Now, they will be able to sell advertising, sell leads to their merchants, and get a percentage out of the sales.

Sramana Mitra: You’re private labeling your application for China Telecom and the likes?

Benoît l’Archevêque: Exactly. I’m actually talking to other large players right now in the world for exactly the same business model. I’m offering a turnkey solution in a matter of weeks.

Sramana Mitra: Let me get a few things straight here. You’re selling a private label application and your business model with these carriers is a revenue share model?

Benoît l’Archevêque: Absolutely.

This segment is part 4 in the series : Trying to Turn Carriers and Retailers Into Google: Azzimov CEO Benoît l'Archevêque
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