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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Bradley Kolb, CEO of nScaled (Part 4)

Posted on Friday, Feb 28th 2014

Sramana Mitra: This is something that customers are asking for?

Ilya Beyer: No, they’re not asking from us. I have personally observed while talking to customers that they often have no idea what the data is – what kind of data they keep and where.

Sramana Mitra: What you’re alluding to is that they’re basically wasting a lot of storage space that could be easily freed up by doing better analytics?

Ilya Beyer: I wouldn’t say that. I would just say that in order for them to decide whether they’re wasting storage space or not, the understanding should come first. First comes understanding, then comes knowledge. They lack that understanding because there is not a lot of good tools that could give them analytics on a massively SaaS proliferating data.

Mark Jameson: If I could add on what Ilya just said, because he is spot on that being one of the blue sky areas. It’s not so much about freeing up data. It’s more of looking for other purposes for data. What else can I do with it?

Sramana Mitra: Those are two different problems. Trying to figure out what data is duplicate and freeing up storage is one thing. The question that you posed was, “What is out there and what can we do with it?” Those are very different problems.

Mark Jameson: Yes. There are different opportunities. In the past, disaster recovery and data retention used to be two different things. They come together and you’re using one tool to solve both problems. If you take it to the next level, “Now I have all this data sitting here. What can we do analytically with it to provide other business functions?”

Sramana Mitra: We have a very intensive coverage of the big data space. The problems you’re alluding to is a much more hairy domain because that requires heuristics. That’s not a horizontal problem that you can solve without those heuristics.

Mark Jameson: Absolutely. The only point that we make is before companies in the industry who brought all this data into the cloud. You basically have all that data sitting there. Yet today, not a lot of companies are not doing anything with that data other than having them for retention and for disaster recovery purposes. The next evolution would be, “Beyond that, what analytics can we do to that big data space?”

Sramana Mitra: Any other additions?

Bradley Kolb: We’re all good. Thanks for taking a little time with us. We appreciate the opportunity to talk a little bit about this space. We’re certainly really excited about it.

Sramana Mitra: What’s the history of the company? Where are you guys based?

Scott Reynolds: San Francisco.

Sramana Mitra: Is this a regular venture-funded company?

Bradley Kolb: Yes.

Sramana Mitra: Thank you for taking the time. We look forward to covering the story.

This segment is part 4 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Bradley Kolb, CEO of nScaled
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