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Thought Leaders in Big Data: David Bernstein, Vice President of eQuest’s Big Data Division (Part 1)

Posted on Sunday, Dec 23rd 2012

David Bernstein is the vice president of the big data division at eQuest, a major job posting distribution company. Each year, more than 250 million job postings are delivered through eQuest. In this interview, David talks about how eQuest handles big data, how information is being gathered to provide customers with accurate consulting, and trends for the future of the field of human

Sramana Mitra: David, let’s start with some context about eQuest and you. Our audience loves niches, but those niches need to be introduced before.

David Bernstein: eQuest is 18 years old and has been primarily serving as an infrastructure for productivity support tools [as] a component of talent acquisition, which [includes] job board posting services.  In the space where we are integrated to every major applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resource information system, as well as to more than 1,000  global job boards, eQuest is the global dominant player. Our customers come to our cloud-based console, where they are able to pull up all their approved requisitions and direct their postings for those jobs. They can then decide which posting goes to which board. It is one posting to many places from one activity. At a minimum, there is one posting and one closing. Often editing is done in between as well. When they have many jobs and they are managing manage boards, it can be incredibly time-consuming to keep everything up to date. It either becomes an activity that you dedicate a lot of resources to, or you live with the inaccurate synchronization of things. eQuest was born from the need to be able to keep all of that together in a cost-effective activity approach.

SM: Who are your customers? Are those large companies, mid-sized companies? Who uses your service?

DB: Yes, all of the above. eQuest is virtually wired into major applicant tracking systems such as Taleo, which was recently acquired by Oracle. They, for example, have two editions: There is the Taleo business edition, which focused on the smaller customer, and the enterprise edition, which is designed for Fortune 1000 [firms] and above. We have a scattering of customers across small, medium, and large companies. Our service can be delivered as part of their subscriptions to the ATS. When they need to move their jobs out to the job boards, the eQuest mechanism powers it.

SM: How do you charge your clients?

DB: There is a variety of pricing models. Some customers have an unlimited subscription model, […] or it can be an embedded service that is underwritten by the ATS and provided through a customer’s subscription.

SM: Can you provide any guidance on the amount? How much do people pay for this service?

DB: We work with our customers to determine what package is appropriate for them based on the volume of activity they anticipate for the given year. We also work with them to develop the right pricing model, one that is going to meet their business needs.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Thought Leaders in Big Data: David Bernstein, Vice President of eQuest’s Big Data Division
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