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How One Entrepreneur Can Create a Big Shift for Your Incubator

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 28th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

One incubator manager came up with a brilliant idea.

He said, “Irina, I’ll select one entrepreneur – the most suitable for 1M/1M from my incubator, and I will let you talk to him. If he signs up, we’ll have our 1M/1M pilot entrepreneur. He will share his 1M/1M experience with the rest of our entrepreneurs and off we’ll go.”

“Brilliant,” I said. “My cell is 786-301-2456 and my Skype is irina_patterson. I am standing by, ready to talk … most important, I am ready to listen.”

I do a lot of listening. I listen to entrepreneurs when they inquire about joining 1M/1M, but have some questions. I listen. We talk. I address their concerns. They usually join.

And after they join, all I hear is this: “Thank you, Irina. Thank you for listening and thank you for addressing my concerns. I feel that I should have been in the program sooner. Thank you.”

What about your organization? You might have wanted to start working with us, but since you are so busy, you are still not sure where to start.

Why not follow that simple idea one entrepreneur at a time. We can start by creating a pilot 1M/1M entrepreneur for your organization.

If you like this strategy, pick one entrepreneur whom you think is particularly coachable.

This person doesn’t have to be brilliant. Just coachable. Give him or her my phone number 786-301-2456 or Skype irina_patterson. I am ready to listen.

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