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Incubators: Can You Identify 10 Promising Entrepreneurs?

Posted on Thursday, Nov 10th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

Look around your incubator. Can you identify 10 promising entrepreneurs? Could you use 1M/1M to accelerate them?

They will start with the 1M/1M curriculum. Get help with their positioning. They will be guided through customer validation and customer acquisition, get media exposure, and gain access to Silicon Valley decision makers. Once their business is validated, they will get investor access and much, much more.

All of it is geared toward getting to their first $1 million in revenue quickly.

Why don’t you help them understand and join the 1M/1M premium program? You can become an 1M/1M Affiliate and work with us collaboratively. And, with the 10% affiliate commissions, you can fund an 11th entrepreneur from your community as well.

Let’s work together to make all 11 entrepreneurs succeed as rapidly and efficiently as we can.

Would you like to discuss this further? Call me at 786-301-2456 or Skype me at irina_patterson.

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