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How The 1M/1M Affiliate Program Helps Incubators

Posted on Friday, Sep 30th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

If you are running an incubator, you are always on the lookout for quality entrepreneurs to incubate, right?

At 1M/1M we have designed a process that could deliver high-quality entrepreneurs for your incubator right from your own backyard.

If you join the 1M/1M Affiliate Program, you can send all entrepreneurs who are not ready for your incubator to attend our 1M/1M Premium Program.

At the moment we have a great group of entrepreneurs, 1M/1M premium members, who have shown remarkable progress with their respective businesses in a few short months. We want your regions’ entrepreneurs to catch up with them as soon as possible.

We have the 1M/1M curriculum that is endorsed by entrepreneurs and investors. We have the ability to analyze startups quickly and brainstorm with entrepreneurs to develop a clear go-forward strategy, no matter at what stage they are at.

We can add substantially to their network of resources ranging from customer introductions, to strategic partners, to financing sources.

As a 1M/1M affiliate, you’ll be able to help a greater number of entrepreneurs in your region. And the more savvy entrepreneurs you have in your region, the more successful your own incubator will become.

Want to share with us your incubator’s specifics? Call me, Irina Patterson, at 786-301-2456 and let’s brainstorm on how you could use the 1M/1M affiliate program to get higher quality entrepreneurs for your incubator on an ongoing basis.

Note: The 1M/1M team has invested significant resources to engage with and understand the challenges of the incubator industry around the globe. You can sign up for our opt-in mailing list to get this information via email on an ongoing basis.

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