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Tony Scott

Posted on Friday, Feb 20th 2009

From the time he “reverse engineered” a radio at age six and rebuilt it so he could listen to shortwave broadcasts from around the world, Tony has been fascinated with technology and global cultures. He has lived and worked around the world serving technology companies throughout his career. He is perhaps the only search consultant in the tech industry who has conducted CEO-level searches in the US, Japan, China and Europe. Tony is currently president and a founding partner of ChampionScott Partners, the world’s leading retained executive search firm focused on the technology industry and related sectors. Before ChampionScott, Tony was the global technology practice leader at A.T. Kearny Executive Search, and a founding partner in the EDS/A.T. Kearney Corporate Venture group. Tony has also personally been a first or second round venture investor in a number of companies that have had successful exits, including PDF Solutions (NASD: PDFS ); Rightworks (acquired by I2); Trigo (acquired by IBM); Centrality Communications (acquired by SiRF); Netli (acquired by Akamai); and Trovix (acquired by Monster). Tony has a BA in economics from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

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