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Your Virtual Travel Concierge Has Arrived : Mobissimo CEO Beatrice Tarka (Part 6)

Posted on Sunday, Apr 20th 2008

SM: Could you describe how you go about putting together a team?

BT: In my two prior ventures I built strong management teams, sometimes through trial and error. This time I knew what I was looking for in terms of not only experience and background, but in character and personality. You can have the best technology and the best product on the market, but without good team chemistry your business may fail. We’re lucky in that we have both.

SM: Is your management team complete now?

BT: Since our launch we have expanded internationally to the UK, France, Poland, Italy, India and Spain. We are making additions to our team as our company and its scope and reach grows.

Over the next year we will be adding a senior marketing position, and sales and business development positions to support our growth. We also work with local PR and communications experts for our international launches.

SM: What is your growth strategy from here on out?

BT: We’re always working on improving our search technology and the user experience to make sure that Mobissimo users find the best fares and stay loyal to us. The market grows every day, and we’re growing along with it. The fact that we provide travel and booking information to parts of the world like China, India, and South America is great because we are seeing enormous growth in travel to those regions which allows us to expand accordingly. We are the number one brand in international emerging markets and our aim is to be the best international travel search brand.

In addition to have the best technology and most comprehensive site, we’ve pioneered recommendation tools such as our ActivitySearch which allows users to search for theme-based travel options. With products such as ActivitySearch we create new forms of revenue growth that we enjoy.

SM: What are your thoughts in terms of a potential exit?

BT: I am not too focused on the exit. We are building a strong company and brand in a growing market, so the vision and execution is what we focus on the most. I spend my time working to improve Mobissimo, whether through its technology, new partnership opportunities, or new ways to reach travelers and prospective users.

The market condition in the travel industry gives us many opportunities. Mobissimo is not a “feature”, but a standalone company, thus we could go public if revenues and financial climate where permitting. We are also one of the best types of partners to have for companies that want to grow and that need international expertise in content, contacts and marketing.

SM: What are some of your key learnings from this journey so far?

BT: A solid core team and right market timing are key success factors. I also have my own “6 P” concept: Passion, Product Vision, Perseverance, Pleasure (to learn, create, discover and adapt over and over again) , Progress and Personality. If you believe in what you’re doing and work hard, persevere, and never lose sight of your original vision then you’ll ultimately succeed.

SM: This has been a pleasure best of luck to you.

This segment is part 6 in the series : Your Virtual Travel Concierge Has Arrived : Mobissimo CEO Beatrice Tarka
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