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Frank H. Levinson

Posted on Sunday, Feb 3rd 2008

Frank H. Levinson, Ph.D., is the founder and managing director of Small World Group, PTE LTD. From 1988 through 2005, he was founder, CTO and chairman of Finisar Corporation, a technology leader in fiber optic subsystems and network performance test systems, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Frank lead a dynamic team of talented technology and business professionals who helped build Finisar from a startup to ~$300 million in annual sales by 2005. He also worked extensively with manufacturing teams in Asia to help make Finisar a leader in high volume manufacturing of fiber optics components. Before Finisar, Frank developed fiber optic technologies at Raychem/Raynet in Menlo Park, California and at Bell Labs and Bellcore in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 1984, he founded Netek Corporation in Lincoln Park, New Jersey in partnership with AMP. He served as Netek’s CEO and lead the development of fiber optics transceivers.

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