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Concept Arbitrage: Fedex Kinko’s

Posted on Saturday, Oct 27th 2007

Sahad reports that Sequoia has invested in a company called Printo that is building a chain of Kinko’s like stores for printing and copying services. “It currently has a chain of six stores across Bangalore, and plans to open 250 retail outlets over the next three years across the country.”

This is an interesting concept arbitrage, one that I imagine a number of other entrepreneurs and VCs can jump into. The market size for printing services quoted in the piece is Rs. 17,000 Crores ($4.3 Billion), which should comfortably support multiple players. Besides, the market is also likely to grow as the business momentum continues to rise in India.

Who else amongst you entrepreneurs have a venture to fund in this segment? Enjoy the feeding frenzy that this deal would potentially cause among Indian VCs sitting on piles of cash getting ansi about where to invest!

The Too Much Money, Too Few Deals situation persists, from what I can tell.

This segment is a part in the series : Concept Arbitrage

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