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TeleWebSales: A Methodology Discussion with Anneke Seley (Part 7)

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 10th 2007

SM: When you are touching the customer for the first time, how do you know what is the decision making process inside the account?

AS: By asking a question about their buying process. What is it going to take to try something new, or to adopt new technology?

SM: Of whom do you ask that question?

AS: To the person on the phone.

SM: Who is the person on the phone or what is the presumption about the person on the phone?

AS: Assuming you already have a beginning relationship with a person, you are trying to find out not only about their business and what they are looking for, as well as what will help them with their particular need, but also about their business in terms of what it will take to bring about a change in their environment. How can you bring your solution to them and who else is involved? Maybe that person does not know, and then you would ask who would know … who should we get involved in this?

SM: In other words, it helps to have a “coach” inside the account?

AS: Absolutely. If someone inside the company comes to you, as the manager, and tells you they have found an amazing product that is going to help you make your numbers, or help you reduce costs, you will typically listen.

SM: Isn’t that a champion?

AS: Yes, in some ways that is true.

SM: If someone is willing to stick their neck out for you, you are really lucky. That doesn’t happen often.

AS: I see where you are distinguishing between a “coach” and a “champion”. The coach is teaching you about the internals of the organization. A champion sticks his neck out for you. Both are very valuable.

SM: No question about it, both are extremely valuable. Assuming you have a coach, I guess the coach will tell you how the buying process works and you would navigate from there based on that information. That will allow you to decide who to target the campaign to.

[to be continued]

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This segment is part 7 in the series : TeleWebSales: A Methodology Discussion with Anneke Seley
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Great interview – Anneke knows her stuff.

On the topic of targeted calls, VITO, account knowledge… I think most people agree that cold calling isn’t an efficient/effective approach, but it’s amazing to see how often it’s used.

The reason is that the research required to be targeted is time-consuming, and sales people tend to take the path of least resistance. If it’s not fast and easy, most sales people won’t do it. So the question is how to build a SCALABLE targeted prospecting process.

Umberto Milletti Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 2:42 PM PT

Yes, referrals always win over cold-calling.

Sramana Mitra Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 3:26 PM PT