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Jim Satloff & Neal Goldman’s AI Engine, Inform (Part 4)

Posted on Thursday, Jul 26th 2007

SM: What is the business model of your company?

JS: As I showed you, Sramana, we have 2 different business models, one a fee-for-service model that has a consistent, recurring revenue stream, and a revenue-share, ad-based model, which is more consistent with the lighter implementation of our products that I demoed for you.

SM: What is the revenue & profitability status of the company?

JS: Publishers like Washington Post pay us anywhere between $2500 to $40,000 / month. We have 40 customers, $2 Million in annualized revenues … you do the math. 90% of our revenues come in the fee-for-service model. The other model is under beta right now.

With over one billion page views per month of content powered by our technology, and continuing to grow rapidly, our revenues continue to grow rapidly as well. During Inform’s relatively short time in the market, the company’s revenue has grown at a significant rate, and we expect this to continue and even increase in slope as we introduce some new, lighter models, like the one we talked about.

SM: Are you looking to raise another round of funding or be acquired?

JS: We are a very fast-growing company, with significant month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter sales growth, and we are acquiring marquee clients at an increasing rate. While we are always willing and excited to speak with market participants that might represent a unique strategic opportunity to combine forces, we are also enthralled by the possibility of growing Inform Technologies into an independent, highly profitable company, combining advanced, artificial intelligence technology, an ad network, and an increasing number of industry applications for our patent pending relevance technologies. By creating a semantic web, and by continuing to increase the number of users of that semantic web, we believe that Inform Technologies can be extremely successful and profitable.

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