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Adify Challenges AdSense

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 18th 2007

Adify, the small ad network company that is powering blog networks for larger “old” media companies such as Washington Post just raised $19 Million in funding from USVP, NBC and Time Warner.

In my Giving Up on AdSense piece, I referred to the WPNI program, which is powered by Adify.

Amit Agarwal reports: ComputerWorld, the web and print magazine from the publishers of PCWorld and MacWorld, will launch a new technology blog network and news aggregator service later this month called Tech Dispenser (in partnership with Adify).

I am sure they will work with a number of other media companies to power their ad networks, and pose a threat to Google AdSense.

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bhavneet Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 12:48 PM PT