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eBAY Entrepreneurs

Posted on Wednesday, May 24th 2006

eBAY itself may have lots of woes, but it surely has empowered many entrepreneurs to build extremely lucrative small cash businesses.

These businesses do not qualify as Web 2.0. They should. They stay under the radar of Venture Funds and Angels. Some of them shouldn’t.

Read this article from Entrepreneur magazine about 10 eBAY Millionaires. From Diamonds and Jewelry to eBAY consignment shops, these businesses have been bootstrapped effectively, and are now creating great returns for their entrepreneurs.

Also, some books to read, if you are considering your own eBAY / Web 2.0 business:

1000 Best Powerseller Secrets by Greg Holden
Secrets of eBAY Millionaires by Greg Holden
What to Sell on eBAY and Where to Get It by Chris Malta

You can also read my two articles on the Online Jewelry market: Digging for Diamonds & India as a Jewelry Manufacturing Hub.

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