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Posted on Friday, Feb 3rd 2006

… is a very good idea.

I especially like the part about Apple being the best acquirer for Palm in this article.

It gets Steve Jobs into the cell phone business, which is suffering still, from the lack of a really “usable” phone.

And it gives a ray of hope to the Palm userbase (moi aussi), of the product line having some future other than extinction.

Legend goes, that years ago, Jobs had said to Eric Benhamou: “You don’t know anything about marketing. Give it to me, I will make Palm happen.” Of course, why would Benhamou’s ego take that? After all, he was responsible for turning 3Com around …

Fast forward a few years.

It is true, the kind of marketing touch that Steve Jobs has demonstrated – pretty much no other high-tech executive today can claim to have. It is, therefore, not quite so humiliating for Eric to give in at this stage of the game.

On the other hand, it looks like Jobs has also grown up, and his recent finesse in dealing with Bob Iger would suggest he can do more, even on the relationship front.

PalmPod may just be a splendid opportunity whose time has come!

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