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David’s sling-shot has not missed Goliath

Posted on Friday, May 6th 2005

… But it hasn’t quite hit yet, either.

Peter Redford writes: “A federal judge ruled against Microsoft on October 14, 2004 in a TVI vs. Microsoft patent suit challenging “AutoPlay” technology included in Microsoft Windows. All three motions for summary judgment filed by Microsoft were denied, CD-TV as prior-art, invalidity and priority of invention, A jury trial is expected in early 2005. TVI filed the first patent for the AutoPlay function in Windows in the Summer of 1994. Microsoft filed it’s own patent for AutoPlay six months later (and references two of TVI’s AutoPlay patents in their patent). In all, TVI is asserting four AutoPlay-related patents against Microsoft and 8 of the largest PC manufacturers.”

Peter is a notable inventor, the CEO of TVI, and a good friend. Peter is using his blog at TVI to communicate with his shareholders, a minute-by-minute update on key developments in the case against Microsoft.

TV Interactive Data (TVI) is a Californian company specialising in video on demand technology. TVI claims that the Autoplay features in Windows 95 and all subsequent versions, which automatically runs applications on loading a CD, infringes its patents. TVI filed the suit in 2002, alleging that AutoPlay technology included in every PC version of Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 95 infringes on its US patents 5,795,156 and 6,249,863. AutoPlay examines the contents of a CD-ROM or other type of optical disc that is inserted into a Windows PC and automatically executes the most appropriate task, such as launching the installation program for a new software application.

If you want to follow the trajectory of a certain David’s sling-shot on its way to Goliath’s forehead, read Peter’s Blog.

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