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Entrepreneur Case Studies

Bootstrapping a Credit Card Processing Business: Payscape CEO Adam Bloomston (Part 1)

Posted on Saturday, Oct 25th 2014

Adam has scaled a very simple business diligently, systematically. Have a look at how.

Sramana Mitra: I want to go to the very beginning of your personal story, where are you from, where were you born, raised, and what kind of background?

Adam Bloomston: I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and studied at the University of Alabama. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2000. >>>

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Thought Leaders in E-Commerce: Jacob Cooke, CEO of Web Presence in China (Part 1)

Posted on Thursday, Oct 23rd 2014

The dynamics of e-commerce in China are very different from the US. Let’s dig in!

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start by introducing our audience to your company and yourself. Tell us what you do and your background. We’ll take it from there.


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Mass Customization in Online Fashion E-Commerce: Indochino CEO Kyle Vucko (Part 1)

Posted on Thursday, Oct 16th 2014

Mass customization has been the holy grail of fashion e-commerce for the longest time. Meet Kyle Vucko, CEO of Indochino, a men’s fashion company that has cracked the code.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start at the beginning of your story. Where are you from? Where were you born, raised, and in what kind of circumstances?

Kyle Vucko: I grew up in Victoria. It’s a smaller town on the west coast of Canada. I ended up going to the University of Victoria where I met my good friend Heikal Gani, who is my co-founder. >>>

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How To Monetize a Q&A Site: CEO David Karandish (Part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 15th 2014

You would think question and answer sites are hard to monetize. Read how David Karandish built to be a profitable $200M+ company … Note, the much-hyped Quora doesn’t monetize at all yet.

Sramana Mitra: David, let’s start with your background. Where does your story begin? What is the back-story to the story?

David Karandish: I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. I went to Washington University in Saint Louis and studied computer science and entrepreneurship. While I was in high school, my friend Chris and I started working together on a bunch of entrepreneurial ventures. We did that through college, graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and then ultimately started this current company. >>>

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Bootstrapping a $175 Million Business with Services: TEOCO CEO Atul Jain (Part 1)

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 14th 2014

There is, of course, a myth that you cannot build a large company by bootstrapping. What a total pot of crap! Meet Atul Jain, and get your premises checked and readjusted.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start at the very beginning of your story. Where were you born, raised, and educated? Tell us a bit of the backstory of your current entrepreneurial story.

Atul Jain: I was born in Kanpur, India. I was born in a lower-middle class family. My father was an engineer in PWD. I am the youngest of three children. The eldest is my sister Manu Jain and I have an elder brother Naveen Jain. At the age of eleven, I received a merit scholarship from the Government of India to study in a residential school. >>>

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Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT: Girish Navani, CEO of eClinicalWorks (Part 1)

Posted on Thursday, Oct 9th 2014

Girish Navani has built a $300M+ private company in Healthcare IT that would be valued at over $3B if he were to take it public. We first covered the company in our Entrepreneur Journeys series [Built To Enjoy] in 2010. We continue the discussion here.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s pick up from where we left off about four years ago. Of course, you’re one of the key players in the healthcare IT ecosystem and started way before most of players in the current landscape. Catch me up on what’s going on and how you’ve progressed. I want to set the context of what I love about your philosophy of building the company. You’ve kept it private. When we talked in 2010, you already had thousands and thousands of customers and had substantial revenue. >>>

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Building an Online Real Estate Business From Brazil: Brian Requarth, CEO of VivaReal (Part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 8th 2014

We’ve done Entrepreneur Journeys stories on a few Latin American entrepreneurs like Marcos Galperin (MercadoLibre), Ricardo Villadiego (Easy Solutions), Rodrigo Teijeiro (Sonico), and Martin Migoya (Globant). In this story, we bring you Brian Requarth, whose scrappy maneuvering has resulted in a $10M+ business with $30M+ in financing – a tough act in Latin America.

Sramana: Brian, let’s start with the very beginning of your story. Tell us where you were born, raised, in what kind of circumstances?

Brian Requarth: I was born in a small town in California called Sebastopol in Northern California. I was raised in a middle-upper class environment. My dad was an entrepreneur and had a small business. >>>

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Bootstrapping Using Services: InRule COO Rik Chomko (Part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014

Rik and his team had to navigate a long journey, including a recession that disrupted one of their key customer segments dramatically. Read how they survived.

Sramana: Rik, let’s start with the beginning of your story. Where are you from? Where were you raised? What kind of circumstances? Give us some of the back story.

Rik Chomko: I was born in the Chicago land suburbs and grew up there. My dad introduced me to computers at a very early age, which was way back in the 70′s, mostly because that’s what he did for a living. He’s one of the first people, I think, that jumped on to the information technology bandwagon. >>>

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