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Catching Up On Readings: Economics of Pricelessness

Posted on Sunday, Aug 31st 2014

This article on Ribbonfarm says that in order to manage the economy better, it is important to put a price on things that are considered priceless, such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nature, human dignity, religious values and the welfare of children. For this week’s posts, click on the paragraph links.

Tech Posts
Mu Sigma Building a Data Analytics Powerhouse in India
Airbnb’s Valuation Soars Despite Legal Hurdles
WeChat – China’s Answer to WhatsApp
BlackBerry Fights Its Uphill Battle

Entrepreneur Journeys
Building A Profitable, Steady Growth Subscription Business: Expensify CEO David Barrett
Bootstrapping a Cloud Startup with Services on from London: Alex Fuller, Co-Founder and CTO of CloudSense
Thought Leaders in Online Education: John Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Hands-On Learning

Incubation Radar
The 1M/1M Incubation Radar 2014: Pronounce Names, San Jose, CA

Other Posts
Entrepreneur Dysfunctions in Cartoons: Is Race An Issue?
Gamification-Based Decision-Making in Breakthrough Innovation

Upcoming Roundtables
As part of the 1M/1M initiative, Sramana Mitra offers free online strategy roundtables for entrepreneurs looking to discuss positioning, financing, and other aspects of a startup venture. Only the first five who register to pitch will be able to present their business ideas. These roundtables are public forums and recordings of all sessions are available here. Entrepreneurs who pitch at the roundtables will receive media exposure through the 1M/1M roundtable recap column which is posted on Sramana’s blog and elsewhere. All attendees are able to join in on the conversations via a live chat.

Thursday, September 4, 2014, 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT/8:30 p.m. India IST, Register Here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014, 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT/8:30 p.m. India IST, Register Here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014, 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT/8:30 p.m. India IST, Register Here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014, 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT/8:30 p.m. India IST, Register Here.

This segment is a part in the series : Catching Up On Readings

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