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Invitation to Judge the 1M/1M New Year Challenge

Posted on Friday, Dec 21st 2012
This holiday season, we invite you to have fun with our 1M/1M New Year Challenge 2013 and participate in the contest as a judge for the semi-final round. Each of you can vote for one entry out of the 46 that have made it to this round. The 20 top entries based on your vote will go on to the finals.
Instructions to Vote:
1. Go to the contest page
2. Click on the ‘Vote Now‘ tab.
3. You can open each entry, read it and click ‘Vote’ there. Please note that you can only vote for one entry, so do read through all the applications before voting.
4. Of course, if you know your favorite entry, select it and click ‘Vote’.
Contestants: We encourage you to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to vote for you. We already see that some contestants have started drumming up votes. Note, you need a minimum of 50 votes to qualify for the finals.
Good luck, and have fun!
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