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Technology Balance Beam: Balancing Internal and Outsourced Tasks

Posted on Friday, Aug 26th 2011

A guest post by Shane Caniglia  

Marketing requirements and customer experience are driving the necessity for innovation and speed in our ever-changing business environment of delivering financial education. Right now, there are many simultaneously interlocking elements in development: Web initiatives and analysis, data capture and management, social media, and mobile applications. I consider these 5 key points when juggling multiple but equal priorities:

  1. Transition your best people into management roles and set goals.  It takes a strong leader, someone who understands the technical process, can define the scope of the project and build an effective external team.  These strong leaders must be able to work in a cooperative environment and communicate non-stop with a marketing team to reach business objectives.
  2. Have the hardware in place to support the development process and the systems talent to manage growth.
  3. Build externally and maintain internally. Outsourced talent becomes an extension of your internal team and can maintain the objectivity necessary to reach goals.
  4. Communicate effectively. Transparency and frequency of interaction keep projects on track and talent on task.
  5. Always think cost-savings and efficiency. Fix your own bugs.  Internal support puts your team closer to the end-user and opportunities are discovered in this process.

The financial education world is fast-evolving from archaic forms of content delivery like books and tapes to one of engagement and data capture. Maintaining a competitive position on the crest of this wave takes an understanding of your business history, a vision of the future and an innovative plan to get there.







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Especially if you operate in a low overhead Small Business structure, outsourcing as an extension of your team can make you big.But, research your external "Team", Client-customers aren't going to look at them if they can't deliver or run into service problems; because you are all the client sees..Also.if you are just starting up, consider this.The"fatal flaw" in selling stock of your company.Once you meet market saturation or the ceiling in your customer base; your stock still must go up or pay out a divdend, stll. Sole proprietors and partners( some L.L.C;s) can do well selling at the same level every year.Big Manufacturers often must make "cheaper", pay less or downsize,or diminish benefits to keep stocks increasing, while quality drops.These are things to consider, before you start-up; it's extremely to difficult to change format afterwards, though not impossible to restructure…Mark David Madden

Mark David Madden Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 8:05 AM PT