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Indian Entrepreneurs: Here’s One for You

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 16th 2008

Folks, I would like to point Indian entrepreneurs to another gap that I see, which may be fertile ground for new startups out of India …

Read my analysis of Infosys and start thinking about where are the IP and Framework building opportunities are. Read also Sudhakar’s Wave 3 article.

I believe, lots of senior executives are leaving TCS and Infosys right now, as their stock options have vested. Perhaps, some of these guys would be interested in turning to entrepreneurship along these lines.

I also encourage the Indian VCs to dig out entrepreneurs who can play in these opportunities.

There’s a goldmine that is not really products, but also not really services … and there’s a clear exit strategy for these deals that will be a very active market in 18-24 months. The takers will include not only Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, and TCS, but also IBM and Accenture.

In a way, I feel that the Wave 3 strategy for outsourcers will require acquisitions. Pure internal R&D won’t suffice.

And if I were Infosys and others, I would co-invest in some of these entrepreneurial ventures.

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