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Mitch Berman’s Zillion TV

Posted on Saturday, Oct 13th 2007

Guest Author Mitch Berman’s ZillionTV is financed. If you want to know what the stealth mode ZillionTV is doing, reading Mitch’s posts below may give you a clue. But hopefully, it won’t tell all.

* Interview with Mitch Berman
* IPTV: Next-Gen Television?
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Operators
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Box
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: Internet TV

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All long as the indie content producers get their shot on this new platform, then Zillion will give them a true level playing field.

Scott Thompson / President Talent Hollywood, LLC Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 12:03 PM PT