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How Did Mark Zuckerberg Preserve 26% Equity in Facebook?

Posted on Monday, Feb 6th 2017


Raising money too soon for a startup creates a number of serious problems.

You get diluted out of your ownership.

You destroy your cap table and follow-on funding becomes complicated to negotiate.

Watch this 2 minute 20 second video to learn how Mark Zuckerberg played the funding game and preserved 26% equity in Facebook.


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How Do You Improve the Odds of Getting Your Startup Funded?

Posted on Monday, Jan 30th 2017


We’ve talked extensively about the alarmingly low probability of getting a startup funded in this video:

We’ve also said that you CAN dramatically increase your odds if you Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later.

Now, watch this 1 minute 41 sec video to learn more about how to improve the odds of getting your startup funded.


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How to Increase the Odds of Getting into YCombinator

Posted on Monday, Jan 23rd 2017


YCombinator rejects 97.15% of all applications.

Is there a strategy for raising your odds of getting into YCombinator?

The short answer is yes.

Watch this 2 minutes 11 second video on how Jas Grewal, CEO of CareSkore did it.


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Death by Overfunding

Posted on Monday, Jan 16th 2017


Funding = Success, right? I wish it did. But entrepreneurial tracks are littered with carcasses of dead startups that were very well funded, some to the tune of hundreds of millions. As a case in point, watch this 2 minutes 31 second video: Death By Overfunding.

If you prefer to read instead of watching, read the Nasty Gal story here:
Death by Overfunding: Nasty Gal

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The Future: White Collar Jobs Will Be Automated as Well

Posted on Thursday, Jan 12th 2017


Right now, we’re still processing the 2016 US Presidential election, and focusing on blue-collar job losses that led to Trump’s victory.

But the truth is, within the next election cycle or two, we will see the pain being felt not only by blue-collar workers, but also white-collar folks.

Inequality: Technology & Automation: In the 30-50 year timeframe and beyond, technology and automation will create tremendous disruption. 60-80% of ALL jobs will, likely, get automated.

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Probability of Raising Funding

Posted on Monday, Jan 9th 2017


I run One Million by One Million (1M/1M) – a global virtual accelerator for startups. 2017 is our seventh year. And one particular trend keeps me awake at night. Thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs have approached us for help with their funding at a stage where their chances of getting funding is ZERO. We can’t help them, regardless of how powerful our investor connections are. We can’t help a startup get funding before they become fundable. It pains me to see how many entrepreneurs have no idea what makes a startup fundable.

So, my humble advice to all entrepreneurs: please learn to assess your own probability of getting funded. Watching this 2 minutes 53 second video would be a very good start if you need a crash course in fundability.

Want introductions to Angels and VCs? A fundable and validated business is a must. >>>

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The Future: India Will Take AI on the Chin

Posted on Thursday, Jan 5th 2017


India’s development over the last two decades owes a lot to globalization and IT outsourcing from the West.

Today, the Indian IT-BPO industry employs 3.7 million people.

A large portion of this is relatively low skilled, or at least mid-range skilled positions.

Artificial Intelligence, it seems, will deliver on its promise on many vectors. Low-skilled tasks that can be automated WILL be automated. This will start showing impact relatively soon. Some analysts like HfS research have projected a job loss of 640,000 by 2021.

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The Future: Focus on Micro Businesses for the Next 30 Years

Posted on Friday, Dec 16th 2016


I have written several pieces under The Future series title. Here’s a recap:

The Future – Genetic Engineering?
The Future – Destructive Technology Trends
The Future – End Of Capitalism
The Future – The Problem With Longevity
The Future – Technology Without Philosophy
The Future – The Most Important Entrepreneurial Challenge Of Our Time
The Future – Age Of Idiocracy

Now, if you agree with my prognosis that both blue collar and white collar jobs are going to disappear at a massive scale due to automation, then you must ask yourself, what is a constructive direction forward?

I have two answers to this question. >>>

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