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Sales 2.0

Thought Leaders In Sales 2.0: Kevin Suitor, VP Of Marketing, Exinda (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Feb 18th 2011

By Sramana Mitra and guest author Sudhindra Chada

Kevin F.R. Suitor, Vice President of Marketing

Kevin is responsible for identifying key partnerships and building market awareness globally for Exinda Networks. Prior to Exinda, Kevin was VP of marketing and business development for Redline Communications, where he became widely recognized for his expertise in the telecommunications industry and was Redline’s primary WiMAX Forum delegate. Prior to joining Redline in 2001, Kevin built a solid track record at the executive level in a variety of roles with organizations such as CopperCom, CTI Datacom, Tekelec, DCI Digital Communication Inc., and Wandel & Goltermann. His extensive market and technology knowledge of service providers and equipment manufacturers has helped him to write articles in several industry publications. Kevin is also a regular speaker on topics such as unified performance management, WAN optimization, application acceleration, broadband fixed wireless, 802.16, WiMAX, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and virtual private networks. >>>

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Thought Leaders In Sales 2.0: Mark Roberge, VP Of Sales, HubSpot (Part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 27th 2010

By Sramana Mitra and guest author Sudhindra Chada

[This is our second interview is this new series; the first was with Dave Fitzgerald of Brainshark.]

Mr. Mark Roberge, VP of sales, is responsible for sales at HubSpot. He has grown the team from one to more than forty sales reps in less than three years. Prior to HubSpot, Mark founded or held executive positions at startups in the social media and mobile sectors. Mark started his career as a technology consultant with Accenture. >>>

Thought Leaders In Sales 2.0: Dave Fitzgerald, EVP Of Sales And Marketing, Brainshark (Part 1)

Posted on Monday, Sep 13th 2010

By Sramana Mitra and guest author Sudhindra Chada

A New Series on Sales 2.0

This is the first interview in a new series on sales 2.0, a topic that I have addressed regularly over the past several years. With the growth of SaaS and the rise of companies such as and appssavvy, it’s time to explore this topic in more depth. Readers may also be interested in a guest miniseries, Anneke Seley on Sales 2.0, for more on what sales 2.0 is.

As enterprises across the globe are adopting sales 2.0 as part of their Web 2.0/3.0 journey, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform providers such as Brainshark are a unique case study. They have not only built successful sales 2.0 processes from the ground up and reaped huge benefits in their business, they have also identified the best practices in sales 2.0 implementation. How is Brainshark managing sales 2.0? Are there any challenges in implementing it? What does contacting and interacting with prospective customers look like at Brainshark? Has the relationship between sales and marketing changed at the company with the advent of sales 2.0? In this series, we uncover great insights by taking an early adopter’s perspective. >>>