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1M/1M: Corporate Sponsors, Affiliates, Incubators – Business Models for Partnerships

Posted on Monday, May 2nd 2011

Folks, We’re looking to connect with potential corporate sponsors for 1M/1M. We’re currently working with Microsoft on a Bizspark startup grant program, and would love to connect with other corporate partners interested in reaching this highly segmented audience through a brand with immense goodwill.

We’re also exploring a possible Affiliate network for 1M/1M, which is a relatively high-end and high priced solution ($1000 annual membership fee), and we can offer a solid monetization model to the affiliates (say, 10% affiliate fee with a 9-12 month cookie duration).

Any thoughts from entrepreneurship and tech bloggers on whether this would be interesting to you? Conceivably, even if you have 10,000 readers, the monetization could be interesting.

Finally, Incubators, we continue to be interested in working with you. The business models we are seeing are as follows:

(1) Entrepreneurs pay for the program directly, with their credit cards, with no cost to the incubator.

(2) Incubator becomes a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the program, and we offer 25% commission to the incubator. This also costs the incubator nothing, but rather, it becomes a good revenue generating model for the incubator. One of the beauties of this model is that you have a scalable solution to do a base level incubation, and you can invest further in the cream of the deals.

(3) Often, incubators have grants from local government and other corporate sponsors. We have incubators who are putting entrepreneurs through 1M/1M using these grants.

We are open to all these models, as well as others if you have any other needs or requests.

Overall, we want to keep the financial burden at a minimum for the incubator. The program is also priced at a very affordable level to make it attractive for the entrepreneurs, in case you choose (1) or (2).

Finally, some organizations are offering 1M/1M at a discount to their membership, and we’re open to that as well.

Please email me  if you are interested in exploring any of the above for your organization.

For the 1M/1M mission to be successful, we need many partners, and if what we’re doing appears compelling to you, its vision inspiring, we solicit ALL the help we can possibly get. We’re very committed to creating win-win business deals for all our partners.

Finally, here is a video message based on my recent talks that may help you further understand 1M/1M.

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